Date posted October 17, 2015

Below is the formal statement issued by Ortigas & Co. regarding claims that Circulo Verde is encroaching / building on the Marikina River that allegedly causes flooding in nearby areas.


Ortigas & Co. would like to reiterate that its Circulo Verde project, located along Calle Industria, Quezon City, has never reclaimed land and does not cause flooding in nearby areas.


Ortigas has not built anything beyond the bounds of its property. In fact, the development of the site will improve the flow of the river, thereby helping reduce flooding in upstream areas. A case in point is the riverbank protection wall that we have started to build. This wall is designed to prevent further siltation of the river and improve the flow of the river.


The soil that is immediately observable on Circulo Verde's side of the Marikina River is a by-product of erosion, a natural effect of flowing water on land. Eroded soil comes from some areas upstream of the property, which is then is deposited on or around it during heavy rains.


Additionally, the Metro Manila Development Authority has been conducting desilting operations  the process of removing dirt and mud from the riverbed around the perimeter of the property. This is being done to increase the capacity of the river, improve the water flow, and avoid a bottleneck. The silt removed from the river is temporarily piled up by the MMDA at the Circulo Verde property prior to it being hauled out. It should be clarified that the soil does not come from the project. Its accumulation around the property is caused by upstream erosion, as well as the desilting operations being conducted by the MMDA.


Ortigas & Co. is not enlarging its property in any way.


As part of its Master Plan for the site, Ortigas & Co. commissioned DCCD Engineering to conduct a hydrological study to determine the soundness of the site and structures to be installed in order to protect the site and nearby communities from floods.


Ortigas & Co. has taken the necessary steps in installing technologies to ensure the safety of residents and nearby communities.

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